Our Linguists

Operational Solutions has a network of over 2000 qualified linguists – many with security clearances – who are subject-matter experts in both language and the local culture of that language.

Our vast network allows us to match linguists to your project based on language, dialect and subject matter expertise. All linguists must meet the following criteria in order to be a part of our team:

  • 10 years professional translation experience
  • 5 years professional interpreting experience
  • Have a strong grasp of both the source and target language
  • Hold at a minimum a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Be a subject-matter expert
  • Understand the culture and target audience
  • Employ Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools (i.e. Trados 7.0 or newer)

Our linguist network not only contains contact information, years of experience and educational background for our linguists, but also linguist ratings for every project delivered. The rating represents the quality and service delivered by the linguist. By tracking ratings for each linguist for every project, we are able to select the most highly rated and qualified linguists for every project.