Training Support

Operational Solutions is an expert at conducts training in the areas of cross-cultural communication and proper utilization of linguists – though our leadership team has extensive experience in developing curriculum for a wide array of requirements.

We leverage our talent base by providing training on cross-cultural situational awareness to include how to work with linguists. We have extensive experience in providing the pre-deployment cross-cultural awareness training to NCIS special agents deploying overseas.  Operational Solutions developed a highly-regarded curriculum as part of NCIS’s High Risk Operations Training Course at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center where we conduct all phases of training relating to the proper utilization of linguists and effective cultural awareness.

Our training is designed to be easily incorporated into the ever changing logistical and mission requirements of your organization.

All language and cross-cultural instructors are natives of the desired region and fully fluent in both English and the native language. In addition they are fully immersed in the current culture of the regions.